CNC Milling – Metallics

With dedicated 5 axis machines delivering single figure micron tolerances for parts up to 20 metres in length and hundreds of pallets for automation we will always find you available capacity and capability.

We have full simultaneous 5 axis milling machines with the unique capability of a turning table. This means we can complete your complex components with minimal operations and manual handling, along with the pallets of automation provides more accurate, faster turn around and competitively priced parts.

Five axis milling machines
Three axis milling machines
Horizontal milling machines
Capable of machining all metallic materials
Maximum part size 20m in length
Complex geometries and accuracy of 6 microns
One off prototypes to high volume production with pallets for automation

Five-Axis Milling – Composites & Carbon Fibre

Decades of experience in making Composite Tooling, Pattern Making and Carbon Fibre machining allows us to manufacture very high-value components.

Five-axis machines dedicated to dry machining
Experts in composite tooling and pattern making
Experts in carbon fibre insert machining
Maximum part size up to 26m long
Fully atmospheric- and temperature-controlled facilities

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